Map your practice CONSCIOUSLY workshop


Prepare to take a quantum leap toward unlocking your full potential and achieving extraordinary success. Join me for an exclusive live workshop dedicated to overcoming common challenges in your field. It’s time to ignite your path to greatness! The world needs you!


“To relate with others compassionately is a challenge. Really communicating from the heart and being there for someone else – our child, spouse, parent, client, patient, or the homeless woman on the street – means no shutting down on that person, which means, first of all, not shutting down on ourselves. This means allowing ourselves to feel what we feel and not pushing it away. It means accepting every aspect of ourselves, even the parts we don’t like. To do this requires openness (emptiness), not fixating or holding on to anything.” – Pema Chodron

Feeling trapped in a rut? Longing to structure your practice, effortlessly attract more clients, and achieve financial stability, all without sacrificing your authenticity? Look no further! This workshop is tailor-made for coaches and therapists like you who want to offer their gift to the world profitably.

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In this workshop, you will:

🌟 Work through the fears holding you back

🌟 Uncover your unique mission and vision

🌟 Create a roadmap for a profitable and purpose-driven practice

🌟 Learn strategies to attract clients while staying true to your values

🌟 Develop a mindset that embraces both service and financial abundance.

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