I would like to welcome you to The Helper’s Tent. It has been a dream of mine to provide a space for helpers and healers to come together. A place where they can go to gain support and grow in the community.

Many of you may not know, but before I ventured into my 20 years as a Clinical Psychologist, I actually worked in the stock market for a long time. And, can you believe I was also a professor both in the psychological and economic fields. It was there at the university that I began to mentor students who were struggling to find their place in the world. They had knowledge of countless theories and strategies with very little practice or any insight into the business side of the profession. I have so much compassion for a person’s journey within the mental health industry because we are often left to figure it out on our own.

It’s always been a dream of mine to provide that level of support for my colleagues. That is where THT comes in. Along with some colleagues and friends who felt driven to be of help to the helpers, we decided to start building a space of interconnectedness. Our mission is to create a space to help the helper! We generate collaborations, spur self-care, and encourage self-growth. We provide a space for practicing skills and for community engagement.

It is vital that we nourish our own well-being. When we are well, we are better able to connect with our clients, family, and friends. We become more attentive and creative in our work, and less likely to violate boundaries. Throughout many years in the field, I’ve found how stress, burnout, and professional impairment are prevalent among those who work in the mental health field and this can have a negative impact on their practice, in the contrary, engagement in self-care can help promote the helper’s well-being.

Frequently we attempt to meet the needs of others before meeting our own which significantly interferes with one’s self-care routine and can take a toll on a person’s well-being. To help you determine if your life could benefit from more time and energy spent on self-care, please consider taking this test.

With the birth of The Helper’s Tent space, I want to make it a point that we all practice self-care in all three aspects of our lives: mind, body, and soul. Our main intention is to make you feel seen and heard, make you feel at home in YOUR tent, and start a personal and collective journey in it!

Will you make an appointment with yourself today? We certainly hope so!

With love and support.


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