Coaching Skills Practice (Non Members)


Learn,develop and practice your Coaching Skills in a safe guided space.

65% of results in coaching, merely rest in the alliance between coach and coachee. This alliance is solid when we are constantly learning, developing and expanding our coaching skills!


Welcome to this class on coaching skills development and practice. By taking this class, you will learn about each coaching skill needed in the Coaching practice. You will also learn through weekly exercises, how to engage someone in a coaching session, how to conduct a coaching session, and how to effectively conclude the session so it becomes effective for the client. In addition, you will learn when coaching is not an appropriate approach, and when people might not be in a position to benefit from a coaching approach. The class includes video clips about relevant concepts in coaching and about each skill to be then practiced.
This class is for you if you want to develop and master your coaching skills through
guided videos and live Q&A classes, along with weekly practices. This practice will be useful for those in the coaching practice, either in a group environment or one on one coaching. Equally, it will be useful to those in a mentoring role, and to the learning and development professional. This class is aimed at those who want to improve their skills in helping others develop.

Classes start, August 2022